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Exploring the Use of Augmented Reality in a Classroom Setting

This project, supported by a grant from Advance HE, examines how teachers use augmented reality (AR) to enhance learning, what kind of resources are needed to support the use of these technologies, and what kind of learning outcomes have been achieved.
AR is a technology that overlays visual content onto the real world in real-time, allowing students to interact with both the digital and physical environment. Advantages of using AR in classrooms include enhanced engagement and motivation, as well as improved visualization and understanding. AR can help students to visualize and understand complex concepts and topics by providing a three-dimensional and interactive representation of them. It can also make abstract or difficult-to-grasp concepts more tangible and easier to understand. In addition, AR can be of particular benefit to students with disabilities or learning difficulties, as well as providing visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic cues to all students, regardless of learning style or ability.
This project was carried out as part of IT classes at undergraduate level in the College. Thuraia introduced AR in the class to approximately 25 students for one semester. AR sites were customized relative to module content.
AR has the potential to revolutionize education by providing engaging, immersive, and personalized learning experiences that can help students better understand and retain complex concepts and ideas. The College may decide to extend and enhance the project by providing additional funding.

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