Teaching Excellence

How MUC Promotes Teaching Excellence

Characteristics of an Excellent Teacher

At Majan University College, we take the view that an excellent teacher is one who stimulates learning through good lesson preparation, energetic and enthusiastic teaching, empathy, and willingness to help students at all times.

Here are some more specific attributes:

  • Up to date in his/her field of specialisation
  • Committed to student-centred learning
  • Pedagogically innovative
  • Skilful when teaching in the online environment
  • Reflective practitioner
  • Excellent communicator
  • Patient and empathetic
  • Provider of clear and helpful feedback


Baker, W., Franz, G., Glenn, A., Herron, N., Pauley, L., Pierce, G., Snavely, L., Von Dorpowski, H., (2005). Definition of Teaching Excellence. Teaching Excellence Committee. Teaching and Learning Consortium, Penn State. Retrieved from: https://www.schreyerinstitute.psu.edu/definition/

The Majan University College Teaching CREDO

Credo (noun): a statement of the beliefs which guide someone's actions. From the Latin for ‘I believe’.

The MUC teaching credo encapsulates five key ingredients which we believe to be important in successful teaching and learning.

Each element in the CREDO acronym is closely associated with the contents of the document ‘Majan University College Standards for Teaching and the Support of Learning’. The table below shows this relationship.

CREDO Item ‘Majan University College Standards for Teaching and the Support of Learning’ Item
Combining innovative teaching with smart use of technology
Section 2: Blended Learning
Teaching and the support of learning at MUC must involve:
2.1       frequent engagement with the online learning management system (MOVE);
2.2       a range of appropriate multimedia learning experiences;
2.3       a balance of face to face and technology-mediated interaction and learning.
Reducing the length of periods of ‘lecturing’
Section 3: Classroom Interaction
3.3       Classroom learning and teaching at MUC… keeps lecturing and lecturer talking time to a necessary minimum.
Encouraging student participation

Section 3: Classroom Interaction

Classroom learning and teaching at MUC…
3.1       actively encourages students to contribute to discussions and to ask questions;
3.2       involves both lecturer-student and peer-assisted (peer to peer) learning;
3.4       emphasizes pair work, group work, problem-solving, and student presentations.

Developing students as independent thinkers and learners
Section 6: Learning Support
In supporting independent learning, MUC academic staff must:
6.2       ensure that students make use of a range of online and library-based resources;
Appendix (section 6): …help students to learn outside class and to develop as independent and lifelong learners.
Offering individual support to students
Section 6: Learning Support
In supporting personalised learning, MUC academic staff must:
6.3       be available, approachable and supportive at all convenient times;
6.4       make every effort to know individual students and their particular strengths and weaknesses;
6.5       establish and maintain a positive relationship with all students.

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