BSc(Hons) Computing – Software Engineering

The BSc (Computing) programme prepares students to demonstrate in-depth skills and knowledge in relation to IT applications that support business needs.

Salient Features of the Software Engineering Pathway

The BSc (Computing) Software Engineering pathway provides the key technical skills needed to take up jobs in the software engineering domain. The Information Technology industry requires professionals with knowledge and awareness of modern computer techniques and programming skills. The need for high quality, reliable software is becoming increasingly vital as its use continues to grow both generally and in specific environments. 

The students will be able to understand and demonstrate the concepts of software quality, the quality models, standards and the methodologies used in software industry. The students will also be able to develop an understanding of the principles, methods, and best practices in software architecture development in Oman in the Information Technology domain.


  • Diploma in Higher Education
  • BSc (Honours)

Mode of delivery: Full-time and Part-time

Students must register for a particular award in order to qualify for that award

Pathway Objectives

This programme pathway will prepare students to:

  • Acquire a full understanding, knowledge and experience of the principles of software engineering 
  • Analyze, design, verify, validate, implement, apply, and maintain software systems.  
  • Apply appropriate theory, tools and techniques  to the analysis, design and synthesis of solutions to requirements in the domain of Computer Science;
  • Demonstrate a range of transferable skills in: problem-solving; communication; project management; working individually and in teams; and the ability to gather, evaluate and reflect on information from relevant sources and synthesize new knowledge and solutions to requirements in the domain of applications of Computer Science;

Job Opportunities include

  • Computer/System Analyst
  • Computer System Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Testing
  • Testing Engineer

Fee Structure

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Modules in First Year (Level 3)

# Unit Name Credits
1 Arabic Language and Society (Arabic speakers) / Omani Culture and Civilization (Non-Arabic Speakers) 15
2 English Vocabulary in Use 15 
3 Fundamentals of Business Management 15 
4 Fundamentals of ICT 15 
5 English for General Reading and Writing 15 
6 Professional Communication Skills in English 15 
7 Business and Entrepreneurship 15 
8 Logical and Problem Solving Skills 15 
  Total Credits 120 


Modules in Second Year (Level 4)

# Unit Name Credits
1 Integrated Language Skills 15
2 Mathematical and Statistical Skills 15 
3 Computer Systems and Networking 15 
4 Introduction to Programming 15 
5 Academic Reading and Writing 15 
6 Digital Logic Design 15 
7 Data Structure and Algorithms 15 
8 Process Analysis and Requirement Engineering 15 
  Total Credits 120


Modules in Third Year (Level 5)

# Unit Name Credits
1 English for Employability Skills 15
2 Object Oriented Programming 15 
3 Database Management Systems 15 
4 Mobile Application Development 15 
5 Operating Systems 15 
6 Internet Technology and Web Applications 15 
7 IT Research Methods 15 
8 Software Quality and Reliability 15 
  Total Credits 120


Modules in Fourth Year (Level 6)

# Unit Name Credits
1 Project Management Methods and Tools 15
2 Software Architecture 15 
3 Parallel and Distributed Systems  15 
4 Emerging Technologies in Information Systems 15
5 Entrepreneurship and Small Business 15 
6 Technology Project (Dissertation) 30 
7 Emerging Software Techniques 15 
  Total Credits 120

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