The Registry Department is divided into: Registry and Admissions.

The Mission of the Registry Department is: To provide effective and efficient support to the College in achieving its objectives.

The Registry department is:

  • responsible for a wide range of support services in the field of student and academic administration. The main areas of administration are centered on the following: student admissions and student records, timetables, conduct of examinations and report generation for internal and external stakeholders.
  • the central repository for all formal records of students and programmes. This involves effective internal liaison and coordination with all academic faculties and departments such as Finance and Student Services.

The Admissions section deals with the admissions of new students and ensures that the College’s admissions policies and criteria are applied.

How to apply:

Applications can be made to the Admissions Department within the College at any stage throughout the year. Candidates are invited to visit the Admissions Department where our Admissions Officers/Advisors will be happy to assist in advising you of a suitable course.

The College's normal starting dates for undergraduate programmes are in September and February each year.

APL (Accredited Prior Learning):

This service is for students transferring from other Colleges/Universities. Mature students may be able to enroll on their chosen course at level 1 or 2 with APL credits for prior learning. Accredited Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) may be granted to students who have gained relevant higher–level qualifications from other institutions. Such credits must be agreed before starting the programme and all credit decisions are subject to formal approval by the University of Bedfordshire. APL credits will not be considered for level 3. 

The College does not consider experience for granting APL credits

Fees Structure

For the complete details of the fees, please refer to the Fees Structure

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