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2018 Graduation Ceremony

On Tuesday 27th November 2018 Majan University College celebrated the graduation of its 23rd batch of students, numbering more than one thousand, from the Master's, Bachelor's and Diploma programmes run in the College. The graduation ceremony took place under the patronage of His Highness Al Sayyid Kamil bin Fahad Al-Said, Assistant Secretary-General for the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, and in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education, those from other higher education institutions, and a significant number of relatives of the proud and happy graduates.

The ceremony began with a procession of the academic staff of the College, formally attired in their academic gowns. The ceremony was attended by H.E. Sheikh Rashad bin Ahmed Al Hinai, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Ali Al Shamali, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Sheikh Nasr Bin Amer Al-Hosni, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors; Dr. Maha Kobeil, Dean of the College, and Mr. Bill Rammell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire. The ceremony began with a recitation from the Holy Quran. Following that, Dr. Maha Kobeil addressed the audience, congratulating His Majesty and the Omani people on the 48th National Day, celebrated by the Sultanate in recent days, and went on to wish His Majesty good health, and the Omani people further prosperity and development under His Majesty’s wise leadership.

Dr. Maha mentioned in her speech that in December 2017 Majan University College received full institutional accreditation from the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority - first higher education institution to do so. Dr. Maha explained that this achievement was an indication of the high quality education that Majan University College has provided ever since its establishment in 1995.

Dr. Maha said that the College always strives to enhance its resources to provide the best educational services. It has a full infrastructure of IT platforms to host eLearning and online resources to promote learning and foster knowledge creation. The College is also expanding its infrastructure to provide more educational resources as well as greater space for extracurricular student activities.

Dr. Maha added that, in order to meet the needs of employers in the Sultanate’s growing economy, new degree pathways have been introduced in the field of Computing: Banking Information Systems, Oil and Gas, and Software Engineering. Furthermore, in February 2019, the College will be offering its new postgraduate programme in MA in Applied Linguistics.

Dr. Maha explained that the College always seeks to develop its staff and equip them with new skills through scholarships and training. This year eight staff members of the College graduated with a Master's degree and one with a Bachelor's degree, as the College always believe that employees must be empowered through continuous learning.

Addressing the graduates directly, Dr Maha said that the graduation day would be a turning point in their lives. Leaving Majan University College with all the skills and knowledge they had acquired, and armed with the certificate they had worked so hard for, each graduate could move onward with head held high. Dr Maha wished all the students success in their future endeavours, and assured them that Majan University College would always be their home.

Finally, Dr. Maha thanked H.H Kamil Bin Fahad Al Said for gracing the 23rd Graduation Ceremony of the Majan University College. She also thanked the students and the academic and administrative staff of the College.

Dr. Ali Al-Shamali, Chairman of the Board of Directors, greeted His Highness, the graduates and the parents and congratulated the graduates on their achievements, which coincide with the Sultanate's celebrations on the 48th National Day. He praised the efforts of students and staff at the College in paving the way for the wonderful graduation day, which brought pride for each and every graduate.

Dr. Ali also said that Majan University College will continue its journey in a steadfast and confident manner because it believes that man is a fundamental pillar of change and that the constructive harmony between the Board and the academic administration reinforces the College's efforts in carrying out its mission. He stated that the College Board would do its utmost to create a distinctive learning environment. Through the adoption of proposals and visions that promote this area and through the development of services that will improve the level of education and build the personality of the student.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire, Mr. Bill Rammell, welcomed His Highness the Chief Guest of the ceremony, distinguished guests, graduates and their families, and offered his warmest congratulations to the graduates on reaching this pivotal moment in their lives. He urged the graduates to contribute strongly at work and remember always that lifelong learning is the key to achieving future goals. He also expressed his pleasure in attending the ceremony and his pride in the fruitful partnership between the University of Bedfordshire and Majan University College.

In an Arabic language speech on behalf of the graduates, Ms. Kawther thanked the academic staff of the College who had such an impact on her academic studies and those of her class-mates. She said that she was graduating confidently from the College, knowing that she was equipped for the challenges ahead. She also emphasized that students receive excellent support from the institution to facilitate their studies, including those such as herself with special needs.

Ms. Asmahan delivered a graduation speech in English on behalf of the graduates. She expressed deep thanks to all those who contributed to their success and graduation. She also thanked the parents of the students who participated in the ceremony, sharing the wonderful experience of the graduate students at Majan University College.

His Highness, the Chief Guest of the ceremony, and Bill Rammell, Vice Chancellor of University of Bedfordshire, then offered certificates and gifts to the graduates of the postgraduate and undergraduate programmes, representing different disciplines in Business Administration, Information Technology and English Language.

The Chief Guest of the ceremony expressed how much he had enjoyed participating in the graduation ceremony of a cohort who will undoubtedly have a bright future in helping to build further prosperity in the Sultanate under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

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