IELTS Preparatory Course

Majan University College is pleased to announce IELTS Preparatory Course to support applicants aspiring to take IETLS Academic exam and thereafter seeking admission to one of the Post Graduate Courses, offered by the Postgraduate Centre.

Course Entry Requirements

Applicants have to take Majan’s In-house Placement test as an entry requirement to do IELTS Preparatory Course.
The In-house Placement test includes three sections- Listening, Reading and Writing. Applicants who are interested to take the ONLINE IELTS Preparatory course should get a minimum score of 5 in the placement test.
For more details about the Placement test, feel free to contact the Postgraduate Centre.

Course Details

IELTS Preparatory course offers a 40-hour course (Level 2) for applicants who score 5 or 5.5 and a 20-hour course (Level 3) for those who score 6 or above in Majan’s In-house placement test. It should be noted that applicants who score 6 or above are welcome to take our 40-hour course (Level2) if they wish to.

Mode of Delivery:

  • The course will be offered completely Online via GoToMeeting, a video conferencing software
  • Majan Online Virtual platform (MOVE) will be used extensively by the lecturers. Students who register for the course will be given access to MOVE
  • The course will be delivered only on Thursdays and Weekends.
    • Thursday (7-9pm)
    • Friday (10am-12noon) & (2pm-4pm)
    • Saturday (10am-12noon) & (2pm-4pm)

Class size

Maximum of 15 students per cohort (group).

IELTS Teaching team

IETLS Preparatory Course is taught by qualified English Language Teaching professionals from Majan’s Faculty of English Language Studies (FoELS) who are teaching different language skills to both Foundation and Undergraduate students. They have a vast and varied experience, ranging from 5 to 25 years, in teaching English to students in Oman.

Course Content

The IELTS Preparatory Course will deliver classes in all the four skills that are tested in IELTS- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

In Level 2(40-hour course), each skill will be taught for 10 hours and in Level 3(20-hour course), each skill will be taught for 5 hours.


All the teaching material will be available on Majan’s Virtual Learning Platform (MOVE). All students enrolled to the course will have access to this material. They can also download the material for study purposes. If students want to use the material prepared by the lecturers for any other purpose, they have to seek copyright permission from the college.

Lecturers teaching each skill will upload material that could include:

  • Teacher prepared material: (power point slides/word document….)
  • YouTube or any other appropriate external videos
  • Instructional or explanatory videos
  • Cambridge IELTS exam papers – (inclusive of audio in the case of listening section)
  • Activities or Tasks adapted from some popular books
  • Open-source material

All classes will be recorded and uploaded on MOVE.

Focus of Learning

  • During this course, lecturers will provide opportunities for students to
  • Increase familiarity with the test format of each skill
  • Use different strategies involved in dealing with the different question types and tasks of each skill.
  • Practise all the question types and tasks
  • Benefit from lecturer feedback through discussion forum on MOVE
  • Work asynchronously (outside class hours) during the week days
  • Gain confidence in doing the test

Note: Majan IELTS Preparatory Course is NOT A GENERAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNIG COURSE. The aim of this course is only to provide exam taking strategies to confidently attempt all the four skills tested in IELTS Academic exam and to help students achieve an overall IELTS band score of 6-7.

Course Starts

April 2021

Contact Information

For any further queries and clarifications, feel free to contact the Postgraduate Centre:

Phone: 24730441 / 448

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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